Porch Light streamlines the process of finding the best mortgage

Buyers can access multiple personalized, accurate bids from different lenders without giving up their privacy

How it Works

Step 1

Fill out a secure profile with all the information banks need to generate an accurate quote.

Step 2

Your profile - all except your name and contact information - will be send to multiple banks and lending agencies.

Step 3

The lenders generate quotes and upload them into Porch Light for you to view and evaluate.

Step 4

You decide which lender or lenders (if any) to speak with, and only those lenders you selected will contact you.

Why Use Porch Light?

Time & Money

Shopping for a mortgage has huge long-term financial consequences for buyers... but the process is time-consuming, redundant, random and very frustrating.


The “solutions” that currently exist don’t actually address these 4 main problems.


Porch Light allows a buyer to see and compare accurate rates from different lenders without giving up their privacy... and when the buyer is ready, they can choose which lenders (if any) to speak with.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Porch Light protect my privacy?

At Porch Light, your privacy and information security are of primary importance. We will never sell your data or personal information. We verify all of our lenders and our site is fully secured.

When Porch Light sends your profile to mortgage agents, we hide your name and contact information so you don't need to worry about being spammed by hundreds of calls and messages. Mortgage agents will never contact you outside of the Porch Light platform until you have given that permission.

You get to decide which mortgage agent or agents you want to speak with (if any), and only with your permission will your name and contact information be provided to those agents that you chose.

I'm not ready to buy just yet. Should I use Porch Light?


If you are not a serious buyer just yet, it is still a great idea to fill out a profile. The information gets saved but not shared, so it's ready when you are. Also, it's good to think about the profile questions — and even match with and talk to a mortgage agent — so that you are in great shape to get a mortgage when the time comes!

How does Porch Light make money?

Porch Light never charges buyers of property.

We partner with lenders, advertisers, and professionals in related fields like debt counseling. Lenders pay to have the opportunity to bid on providing you the best mortgage. Advertisers and other professionals pay for ad space.

We will never sell your data and we will never provide your name or contact information to lenders without your permission.


Are you a mortgage loan officer or lending agency interested in using Porch Light?


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